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Selecting a Mediator

In selecting a mediator, you might want to talk with two or three who practice in the area of your concern. Some questions you can ask the mediator or their references are:

  1. Is there someone you know and respect who can verify their reputation?

2. What kind and how much formal training have they had and from where?

3. What other services do they offer?

4. Is their area of expertise related to your area of concern?

5. How much directly related experience do they have?

6. What are their fees?  


Other considerations:  

1. Do they ask you questions to determine whether mediation is appropriate for your situation and whether they are best suited to handle your case?

2. Do they ask what else you have tried or considered to try to resolve the conflict?

3. Do they carefully explain what mediation is and how it differs from arbitration, counseling or legal action? Do they help you understand the difference?

4. Do they discuss with you the available options should the conflict fail to be resolved through your chosen process?

5. Do they provide information on the process equally to both parties and discuss ways to tailor it to your circumstances?

6. Do they obtain verbal agreement to mediate prior to the first session?

7. Do they carefully discuss with both/all parties the costs and who will be responsible for paying?

8. Do you feel confident that they will be able to remain neutral and that information they receive will be held by them in confidence?