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Roster of Mediators

The following is a list of Mediation Yukon members who have experience and training in the field of conflict resolution and who have self-selected to be included in a roster of mediators offering their services to the community. The areas of specialty and credentials for each of the individuals are self-described.

As is the case with the selection of any service provider, it is recommended and expected that clients will speak with a number of mediators practicing in the relevant area of dispute to assess their suitability (experience, education) and to secure fee information.

Please click on the names to learn more about the individual mediators.

Pat Bragg

Rick Buchan

C.D. Saint

Cynthia Malouin

Nataschaa Chatterton

Karmen Cozens

Rita Davie

P.I. (Mal) Malloch

Hank Moorlag

Joie Quarton

Cara Smith

Breanna Taylor

Dianne (Diney) Williams